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Let us help you protect and defend your business environment

Shield your data, applications, networks, and cloud infrastructure from cyber attacks

Safeguard your organisation with the best security tools from Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and more. From identity and access management to data security and extended detection and response, the BUI Cyber Security Operations Centre can give you comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Azure Security

Here at BUI we take pride in our achievements and certifications. We are a MISA member, a certified MXDR partner, and have achieved Microsoft Advanced Specialisations, such as Adoption and Change Management, Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection and more. We recently acquired the ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to information security management.

We are dedicated to protecting your business systems from cybercriminals. We understand that a comprehensive defence strategy is critical, and that’s why we combine our extensive cybersecurity expertise with cutting-edge resources to shield your data, applications, networks, and cloud infrastructure from attackers.

Our Azure Security offering is a crucial part of our Security Solutions, which protects your environment with the best tools. We prioritise protecting your environment, helping you balance productivity with robust prevention, detection, response, remediation, and recovery strategies.

Safeguard your cloud assets and gain single-pane-of-glass visibility into your Azure environment with us. Trust in our expertise and let us keep your business secure.

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BUI Cyber SoC

Protect your enterprise against evolving cyberthreats, with the help of an elite security team.

Cyberthreat management is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises today. Threat actors are launching more diverse, more sophisticated and targeted attacks more often, while IT security professionals are facing operational headwinds in the form of skills shortages, rising technology costs and increasingly complex digital environments.

The BUI Cyber SoC contains a cybersecurity solution that helps organisations detect and respond to security threats in real-time. It combines multiple security technologies, such as security operations centre (SoC), endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), and security information and event management (SIEM), with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to provide a comprehensive security posture for an organization.

The benefits of the BUI Cyber SoC include enhanced threat detection and response capabilities, as it provides organizations with greater visibility into their security landscape and helps them identify potential threats before they cause damage.

BUI Cyber SoC also helps organizations improve their incident response capabilities by providing real-time alerts, automating incident response processes, and offering forensic analysis to determine the root cause of an incident. The, BUI SoC can help organizations reduce the complexity of managing multiple security tools and vendors, as it consolidates multiple security functions into a single platform, making it easier to manage and maintain.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Our Cyber Security Consultation Service is dedicated to protecting your business systems from cybercriminals. We understand that a comprehensive defense strategy is critical, and that’s why we combine our extensive cybersecurity expertise with cutting-edge resources to shield your data, applications, networks, and cloud infrastructure from attackers.

At our company, we take pride in our achievements and certifications. We are a MISA member, an MXDR partner, Microsoft Solutions Partner for Security, Microsoft Consulting Services Partner, and have achieved Microsoft Advanced Specializations such as, Microsoft Advanced Specializations for Cloud Security and Threat Protection and more.

Our team of cyber experts offers a range of services, including pen tests, gap assessments, and more. With our consultation service, you can be confident that your business is secure from cyber threats. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help safeguard your data and assets.

Microsoft 365

We prioritise Microsoft 365, which covers critical areas such as access control, identity management, and data protection. We can help govern access to your resources, ensuring that the right people have the appropriate access to the necessary tools at the appropriate time. This helps protect your business from insider threats and unauthorised access.

Our data protection services are also designed to secure your sensitive information and comply with GDPR, POPIA, and other relevant laws.

Protecting your company’s data and reputation is essential, and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to safeguard your Microsoft 365 environment. Let BUI assist you in maximising your digital transformation journey, and securing your corporate data, and identity using Microsoft 365.

FastTrack is a service that can help you implement Microsoft cloud solutions. We provide a comprehensive plan to help you plan, deploy, and migrate to Microsoft 365, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security [EMS]. Our team of experts can guide you through every step of the process to ensure a seamless transition to the Microsoft cloud.

Find out if you have qualifying subscriptions to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, Azure, or Dynamics 365 and are eligible to use FastTrack at no extra charge for as long as you maintain your subscription. With FastTrack, you can ensure a seamless and efficient implementation of these cloud solutions and unlock the full potential of your business.  

A few FastTrack Benefits:
  • Deploy new cloud capabilities
  • Access engineering expertise
  • Accelerate user adoption

Contact us today to learn more about our Microsoft 365 security services.

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Penetration Testing

Our team of cybersecurity experts at BUI collaborates with you to assess and test your network’s cybersecurity measures, identify any vulnerabilities, and improve your security posture. We recognize that people pose a significant risk to network security, and thus we offer social engineering exercises to gauge whether your employees require additional security awareness training.

Our penetration testing services include an in-depth analysis of your network architecture to uncover any potential weak spots and penetration points that can be addressed with our expert assistance. Our comprehensive penetration testing services encompass external, internal, and wireless penetration tests.

Allow us to help you bolster your cybersecurity defenses and safeguard your business from potential threats.

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Vulnerability Scanning

We offer comprehensive vulnerability assessments to identify any network vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, policy non-compliance issues, and potential threats that may pose risks to your security perimeter. Our experts use a combination of discovery and review, auditing and reporting, and remediation guidance to give you a clear understanding of your security posture.

While vulnerability assessments offer a snapshot of your vulnerability exposure, they only provide a partial view into your overall exposure. This is why businesses should be proactive and regularly test their network security controls to reduce the risks and costs of a cyber breach. We provide proactive testing with our vulnerability assessments to give you a complete and comprehensive view of your network’s security posture. 

At BUI, we offer both standalone vulnerability scans and continuous vulnerability scanning through our managed service, Nettprotect. Vulnerability scanning is a crucial aspect of maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture. Don’t wait for a security breach to occur before taking action, contact us today to schedule your vulnerability assessment.

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BUI is a Cisco Gold Partner, and a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Partner. Our Network professionals are Palo & Cisco certified with years of experience safeguarding corporate networks. Trust us, we’ve got your network covered.

We provide broad expertise across enterprise networks, collaboration, data center, and IP Next-Generation Network. As a Networking specialist, we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and delivery excellence.

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Palo Alto Networks

At BUI, we are proud to be a certified Palo Alto Networks Platinum Innovator partner.

Our specialists are highly skilled in Palo Alto Networks technology and have extensive experience with data centre and corporate network and security architectures. We can deliver, support, and optimise next-generation Palo Alto Networks firewall and security solutions to ensure high availability and the best possible performance for your connected ecosystem.

Our focus is on providing effective network security through PAN-specific products and solutions. Our team has the necessary experience and accreditations to ensure that you get the best possible service.

We understand that network breaches can be inevitable, which is why we offer network forensics and incident response services. Cybercrime is evolving, which means issues with solutions, including people, processes and technology, are prominent. BUI provides around-the-clock monitoring to detect, investigate, notify and respond to incidents and potential threats.

Let us help you secure your network and stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

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Surface Computers

Securely work from anywhere

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Nettprotect is a powerful vulnerability scanning solution that utilises the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud technology to provide comprehensive network security risk identification and management. With Nettprotect, you can proactively safeguard your network against potential cyber attacks and other security threats.

Identify, Classify, and Remediate Network Security Risks

Nettprotect combines the power of artificial intelligence and the scale of the cloud in an advanced vulnerability scanning solution.

  • Identify vulnerable access points, web servers, and connected devices that could leave your network open to attack.
  • Classify and prioritise risks by scanning your internal network, virtualised machines, and cloud environments.
  • Remediate vulnerabilities by using insights from comprehensive reports generated on demand or scheduled automatically

At BUI, we understand that vulnerability assessments offer only a partial view of your exposure. Therefore, we offer a managed service that continuously enhances the security posture of your business through vulnerability detection and management. With our comprehensive and ongoing vulnerability assessment and management solutions, you can rest assured that your network is well-protected against any potential threats.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Nettprotect can help you identify, classify, and remediate network security risks for your business.

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Rescan is a powerful service that creates scheduled, easy-to-read audit reports using data collected by Microsoft Cloud and on-premise infrastructure tools. With Rescan, you can receive relevant and real-time reports directly to your inbox, helping your administrators identify change events logged via your cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

If you are monitoring your Microsoft Azure and on-premises IT assets with a reporting solution like OMS, Rescan can provide you with even more useful insights. Our reports include:

  • User logon reports
  • User management reports
  • Local logon and log-off reports
  • Group management reports
  • OU management reports
  • GPO management reports
  • Computer management reports
  • Domain policy change reports

Choose Rescan to ensure that you stay on top of any changes occurring in your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Our reports make it easy to identify and address any issues, so you can focus on running your business.

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Usersure, powered by BUI Password Breach Tool (PBT), uses a multi-layered approach to analyse passwords and ensure they meet your security policy. Usersure combines a rules engine, custom blacklist, heuristic scanning, and BUI Cloud Password Breach Database to detect unsuitable passwords.

Deploy Password Breach Tool on your existing Active Directory Domain Controller(s) to meet all of the NIST requirements seamlessly. The agent runs on each Domain Controller and intercepts and analyses password changes from any source, without the need for software installation on workstations.

All password change attempts, accepted or declined, are logged centrally for auditing and reporting purposes, making for a fast and low-risk deployment.

Benefits of this service:

  • Cloud Password Breach Database of 500 million + breached passwords
  • Comply with NIST SP 800-63B, GDPR and other regulatory requirements
  • Remove complex and ever changing password requirements
  • No desktop software required
  • Negate password dictionary and brute force attacks
  • Granular AD Group Policy based password complexity controls
  • Intelligent heuristics scanning
  • Custom blacklists

Take a comprehensive approach to password analysis to ensure user credentials meet the standards of your security policy. Log all password changes, both accepted and declined, for auditing and reporting purposes. Comply with GDPR, POPIA, and other regulatory or legal requirements.

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Cyber DFIR


Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated, more frequent, and more damaging every day. Even if you’re doing everything you can to protect and defend your IT environment, determined attackers may still target your organisation. And they may succeed. When disaster strikes, it pays to be prepared.

Cyber DFIR is our Digital Forensics and Incident Response retainer service designed for businesses that want all the benefits of a dedicated DFIR team – expertise, experience, and guaranteed security support when it matters most – as well as the flexibility of DFIR-as-a-service.